NordicTrack Exercise Bike Reviews

NordicTrack manufactures a lot of different exercise bikes. Here are their current models as of 2013 (they change prices often, so check their site for current prices). If you have decided to purchase a NordicTrack exercise bike, be sure to use a coupon. We scoured the coupon sites that come up in Google and unfortunately none of the big sites had promotion codes that worked. We did find two websites and only these two websites that had coupons that actually worked for us. They are and They actually look like the same site or that they are both by the same people. Either way, they have the only coupons we have found that worked. Unfortunately there are only two coupons for exercise bikes. Probably because they are cheaper than treadmills and ellipticals. All links will go to the first site named above because it is designed better.

Recumbent Series

Commercial VR – $649 (Coupon)
Commercial VR Pro – $899 (Coupon)
GX 4.5 – $499
GX 5.0 – $599

Sport Series

GX2 – $379
GX 5.5 – $599

Upright Series

GX 2.5 – $349
GX 4.2 – $449